One Fine Romantic Date in Melbourne

Melbourne, a melting pot of nature, culture, entertainment and more, is an excellent place for couples who are confused to choose a perfect place for their first date. If you start the journey in the late afternoon, you and your date should go to Embla, located in central Melbourne. The combination of lighting and interior design creates a cozy atmosphere while you enjoy light snacks in Embla.

If the conversation has not finished yet, you should continue your date to Izakaya Den, a Japanese eatery located at the corner of the street. You will be offered many delicious Japanese dishes such as sashimi, den chicken, sweet corn kaki-age, and grilled pork belly, with Japanese sake, beer or tea.

After finish your meal and time still permits, continue your date to Melbourne’s theatre. There are two main theatres there, the Comedy Theatre and Her Majesty’s which are located on Exhibition Street, just a block and a half away from Izakaya Den. You can see the love-story between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine of Agrabah which plays until 22 October 2017. Besides Aladdin, you can watch a comedy act that will tickle your stomach and make you laugh.

Still have enough time? Grooving out at night in a karaoke hotspot can make your date more fun. You can choose either FM or KBox for late night karaoke. Another karaoke spot, Holey Moley, even has other entertaining facilities such as mini-golf!

Tired after grooving and want to be more relaxed? You can visit Siglo, a rooftop that faces St. Patrick Cathedral and the Parliament Building. You can relax on the rooftop while enjoying a sip and the night view of Melbourne’s old town. If it’s too cold outside, you can move to Melbourne Club Super Club that open until the wee hours in the morning and enjoy a cheese dish or dessert in Chesterfield chairs with a brown leather.

Prefer walking instead of snacking? Take a stroll in Southbank. Illuminated by the moonlight, walking down along Yarra River will give romantic vibes and complete your date. If you are tired, you can sit down on the banks of the river and enjoy city lights.

If you’re into early morning dates, grab some breakfast to boost your energy. The perfect place to start the day is Queen Victoria Market, a market that opens at 6 o’clock in the morning and offers many variants of breakfast dishes. You can go to north of the city to see them fix the stall before selling the food, and after they fix it, you can directly go to the stall that sell your favorite dishes. If you are a coffee lover you can go to Market Lane in Therry Street, located just 200 meters from the location.

If you don’t like a market’s food, you can go to restaurant that offers breakfast. There are many restaurants which offer breakfast dishes such as Cumulus Inc., a local favorite. It has many options of food, for example: Crumpets with whipped ricotta and rooftop honey, zucchini, mushrooms, and sandwich with smoked beef and special sauce. Another restaurant for you to peruse is Magic Mountain Saloon, a Thailand restaurant which serves black sticky rice, strawberry, banana, coconut cream with granola and dried mangoes, sticky pork, shrimp rice, and many more. Cumulus Inc and Magic Mountain Saloon open at 7 o’clock in the morning (weekdays) and 8 o’clock in the morning (weekends).

After finishing breakfast you can continue your date by walking down the streets of Melbourne. Many street arts can be found in Union Lane and Hosier Lane. If you and your date are fans of vintage art, you can visit National Gallery of Victoria in St. Kilda Road, which is the oldest, biggest and the most crowded art museum in Australia. All of the permanent collections come from different areas of the globe.

Done with art tour, you can relax yourself in Royal Botanic Gardens, an amazing place for resting, surrounded by many variants of plants. The garden is very well maintained. After walking the rounds at the Royal Botanic Garden, its time to say goodbye to your date and prepare the next date with other fascinating places around Melbourne.

By Calista Vania Zhafira

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