‘Mereka yang Tak Terlihat’ Sets a Record in MURI

The recently released drama-horror flick Mereka yang Tak Terlihat by Skylar Pictures has achieved a record from Museum Rekor Indonesia for featuring the most astral characters in a drama horror movie in Indonesia.

Inspired by the true story of Indigo children, the movie was directed by Billy Christian and starred by Estelle Linden, Bianca Hello, Sophia Latjuba, Frisly Herlind, Aliyah Faizah, and Dayu Wijanto. Unlike other movies in the horror genre which simply induces fear, this movie touches more dramatic aspects such as the mother-daughter bond.

Special film screenings have been held in Jabodetabek and 8 major cities in Indonesia, and available in XXI as well as CGV theatres from October 12, 2017. For behind-the-scenes photos, check the slideshow above!

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