The 2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala “An Inclusive Dance Event”

Yayasan Bina Ballet Indonesia ( collaborated with British Council Indonesia, Australian Embassy, and Institut Francais Indonesie to present the 2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala “An Inclusive Dance Event”. This event was held on September 23, 2017 at Teater Besar, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. This year was special, because they highlighted the inclusive nature of the art of dance that combined between two worlds, both national and international, both able-bodied and differently able and both world class dancers and aspirants. Every human has the same equality to dance. Every act portrayed a unique mosaic that gather the passionate people in the name of dance. The show was livened up with impressive performances of some deaf dancers from Candodance, the wheelchair dancers from Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat Jakarta (Foundation for the Disabled Children Care in Jakarta) and some international names, like Daniel Daw and Mirjam Gurtner from Candoco Dance Company (England), Queensland Ballet and Marc Brew Company (Australia), Magaly Saby (France), and Universal Ballet (South Korea).


Writer: Novita Angelina

Photos: Febi Ramdhan

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