Carissa Perusset

Carissa Perusset has her own definition of beauty.


"I read somewhere that Christmas lights and flowers are different things, but they are both so beautiful. That is my favorite analogy for beauty. You dont have to be a certain way to be beautiful. You could be beautiful like yourself, not like anybody else."



But before that, she wasnt always this confident about herself. Just like any of us, Carissa, a part-time model and aspiring writer, has her insecure moments.


“Sometimes I’m pressured, like I can’t post this photo because people will think of me in a certain way. I felt like walking on thin ice sometimes.”


See how Carissa overcomes this on her journey, learns to #BreakTheStandard, and proves that she’s #MoreThanBeauty in this video collaboration with Mad For Lipstick!

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