Say Hi to Victory, HIVI

Initially formed in 2009, HIVI! has since became a pop band that’s well-known among today’s millennials. With catchy tunes and relatable lyrics, the band know how to tap into the teen market. Since their first debut album released back in 2012, with 5 singles launched simultaneously, they have gained a significant attention of music lovers everywhere. Their fan base also expands, they’re proud to call themselves HiFriends. Thanks to the supports, their singles: Orang Ketiga and Curi-curi became soundtracks in the movie “Cinta Brontosaurus”. They also have performed in 4 European countries: the Netherlands, France, Germany and Swiss.

To be more focused and to find a new spirit in their music is their aim, and to do so, HIVI! didn’t hesitate to opt for hibernation. 5 years to 2017 have met a fruition, both music and lyrics have matured up in their second album Kereta Kencan. For this album, they were also helped by fellow musicians Lale and Ilman from Maliq & D’Essentials.

So a fresh new music to offer to fans and music listeners everywhere. Share us what’s new with HIVI!?

Febri: “We released a single and music video of Remaja. At the same time, we also opened an official merchandise store, TOKOHIVI.”

Ezra: “Yeah, both of them happened at the same time, 10th of October 2017. The music clip is actually a present for my parents’ 27th anniversary and the lovey dovey tale during the ‘80s, even my parents became the model in the music video. The story is about investing time during the teen period, to seize the time you have by being productive, because it will lead to a good result.”

Ilham: ”We also wanted to share Remaja merchandise to our fans. In fact, we plan to release a limited merchandise per song in the second album.”

Neida: “This second album is an introduction to a new voice. Remaja has a wide concept, it’s not just about love, but also every topic that comes with it. So the concept is personal cause it’s based on our stories.”


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