HET Festival 2014

HighEnd Teen magazine presents HET Festival 2014, a festivity like no other! Only here can you find entertainment, food and hot-selling products in one place. Missed it? Or were you there to witness the celebration? Either way, we have the report only for you.


Day 1

June 14, 2014


Band competition time, with special performances from Neurotic and GAC (Gamal, Audrey & Cantika).


The winners are:

1st Winner: Electra

2nd Winner: Nagga

3rd Winner: Sevena

Favorite: Domenica

Judges: Imam Syaputra, Alle Kitano, Gilang Cempaka, Roy Wicaksono

MC: Boy William & Maya Audita



Day 2

June 15, 2014


The day where dancers took the stage. Special performances from Lights On, United Dance Works and Disko Delivery.


The winners are:

 1st Winner: Stamanara

2nd Winner: Funky Baddest

3rd Winner: Miss Chillie B

Best High School Dance Crew of the year: Frivollenz

Judges: Yessy Hutabarat, Dhona, Bucek

MC: Boy William & Maya Audita


Pop up stores: UBOX, Poula, Dreulona, Chlorine, Smith Men Supply, Potato, Komma, Locapoca, Odos Carscents, PT. Mas, Singapore Street Ice, Pannacotta etc, Rijshannys Kitchen, Organicrush, Elicxir Gelato and Krispy Krips.

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