We Talked to Maxime Bouttier and Agatha Chelsea about Their Film and… Astronomy

It’s a bit early in the morning when the main cast of Meet Me After Sunset movie, Maxime Bouttier and Agatha Chelsea, visited us just few days before the theatrical release of the film on February 22. Despite the crazy schedule prior to release date, Maxime and Chelsea are just as excited as we were when talking about their new film and other random stuffs.


MB = Maxime Bouttier, AC = Agatha Chelsea

What’s your opinion on the character you’re playing for Meet Me after Sunset?

MB = Vino, the character I’m playing, is the one who actually stood out from the rest—mostly because he’s the new guy in town and still adapting to his new surrounding where Gadis (Agatha Chelsea) lives in. He’s that energetic young guy, you know—a bit wild and mischievous. He is clearly the opposite of Bagas, the character Billy is playing. When we put it in astronomical way, I would be the sun—the one’s shining during the day. On the other hand, both Gadis and Bagas lived in the night; they are the moon and the star, respectively. I kind of finding my reflection on Gadis, just like the moon reflecting the light of the sun.

AC = Gadis is both every girl, while she is very unique in her own way. She lived in her own world, has her own secrets. She’s holding secrets just like the moon with its dark side. We may say that she’s the moon who reflects the sunshine (Vino) during the night, and is surrounded by the stars (Bagas).

Which one is more challenging—singing together for the OST or choreographing for the film? Why?

MB = The choreography, for sure. I sing for a band, so it’s not actually that hard to do the Original Soundtrack. The problem is just the type of the song does not really fit the way I usually sing, that’s one thing I admit not performing my best. Yet, still, I’m no dancer and it’s harder to dance.

AC = The choreography! I’m that kind of tomboy girl who is not that flexible when it comes to bodily movements. (well, singing certainly won’t be that hard for her as a singer, though)



Since Billy Davidson is not here, what’s your opinion for his character in the film (Bagas)?

MB = He’s that kind of man every woman needs. He is that mature guy friend who is serious and keeping his head on the right track. In the film (spoiler alert!), he is someone Gadis needs in the future, but not right now. He’s kind of… very monotonous for me.

AC = To Gadis, he is someone who understands her well because they grew up together. In short, he is Gadis’ comfort zone who is always reachable whenever she needs him. Unlike him, Vino (MaximeBouttier) is someone who’s encouraging her to get out of her so-called comfort zone.

How do you build chemistry for the film despite the age gap between you two?

MB = There’s a funny story about it. I don’t know that she (Chelsea) is that young when I first met her during the reading session! I grew my beard that time, and sure I look more like his pakde(older uncle) to her than a co-star *laughs. But then there’s a screen-test session where we were asked to develop the chemistry and that’s going pretty well—I tried to lean on her shoulder, for example. Luckily, there’s almost no skinship in the film because it depicts a more fairytale-ish story.

AG = Yes, exactly! I was really surprised when I saw them and has to make sure that he’s not as old as he seems. But really, if you saw him, he looked really old with his beard *laughs. I don’t know, I guess it just goes with time; we keep growing the cutesy chemistry during the screen-test session until the filming. He’s more like an older brother for me.

What’s the most unforgettable moment during the filming?

MB = It’s absolutely when I hurt my knees. There is a scene in the film near the ending where I was supposed to fall, but I actually fell terribly that I swore my heart out. It was very painful—my ankle inflamed for about this big *dramatically stretching his arms out*. I had to spend the filming with my injured ankle that we must improve one of the scene where I was supposed to run with Chelsea, but instead I saw her running from the back *laughs. The next day, Billy and I had to collect firewood for the filming because the one we brought from hotel were drenched in rain. Nice.

AG = Yeah, that would be the most unforgettable one. When it happened, I knew he was supposed to fall, but seeing his agonized face I was like asking “Well… That’s not how it’s supposed to be, right?” and yeah… He really wasn’t.

Explain in 5 words or less why we need to watch the film.

MB = Ugh… Can it be 9 words? No? Okay, so….Indonesian Fairytale You Can’t Forget.

AG = Very Inspiring and Magical Story!




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