How To Be A Fine Looking Gent in 5 Ways

Aside from the well-mannered personality, woman tend to find a man’s charm through his way of getting dressed. Though not all, but most women always notice and have their own standards of how his type of man should look like.


Jean Genius

Majority of women claim that they are way more attracted to men in a casual looking outfit. They love seeing men in a simple white tee and jeans. You know, jeans rule the world.


Slim-cut for Slender Man

Though women love those chocolate abs underneath you clothes, they prefer men with fit clothes. To them, a slim fit trouser or jacket would be perfect.


Walk on Shoes

Time to wear your abandoned Oxford shoes on your shoe rack. Because it’s confirmed that women go for that masculinity and the impression of intellectual and sexual maturity.


Great Wall of Chino

Say hello to Jean’s sibling; Chino. Beside the everlasting jeans, women won’t complain if they see their men in a coffee-ish color chino. Especially if men roll up the hem of chino and flash their bare ankle.


Suits You Fine, Sir!

Repeat after us: nothing can compare men who dress up in a formal wear. And in this case, a suit is able to make you the center of attention. Men in suit are way more appealing, specifically without a tie on it.



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