The Best Disguise of Them All

If you’re dressing up to the nines with your look for the night, perhaps the right spritz of the appropriate perfume will make you the perfect ten.

The ONEDisguise Eau de Parfum is a new fragrance from Oriflame Indonesia that combines the luscious scents of rose bud, glossy raspberry and vanilla. It’s perfect for feminine souls with a classy vibe for a boost of confidence.

To make the most of The ONE Disguise Eau de Parfum, here are some tips on applying fragrance:


  1. Apply on the appropriate spots. Make it last longer by spraying it on your wrists, behind the ears, the folds of your inner elbow, your knees, and your neck.
  2. Spritz a bit on your hair and/or clothes. Take care when applying on delicate fabrics.
  3. Apply after body lotion. Combine with The ONE Disguise Perfumed Body Lotion to lock in that delectable fragrance for an all-day aroma.


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