Reinventing Childhood Swag with UT X KAWS X SESAMESTREET

Who doesn’t know UNIQLO T-shirt (UT) collaboration with New York artist KAWS? The collection was a swagger that they returned for the Fall/Winter 2018 season along with our childhood heroes, Sesame Street.

While the first collection was already on sale last June, KAWS has just released his second collection with the retailer that include a box of Sesame Street plush toys! Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster are getting face-lifted with the artist’s signature style.  Fear no more of looking childish ‘cause we truly love that look in their faces.



If you fancy something more wearable, they also have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweat pull-parka for men, women, and kids—so it’s going to be a full-house. KAWS’ monochromatic color will fuse with Sesame Streets’ colorful friends, creating a playful yet cool vibe.



In his third year working with the Japanese label, KAWS has proved his versatility in visual design with his latest collection with UT. There are sketches (both colorful and monochromatic) and patches on the t-shirts and sweatshirts. Our personal favorite is their sweatshirt; that is perfect for both chilly-day outfit and a casual pick-me-up.



 We love the fact that they are set to release in this Christmas season. Who wouldn’t love having a box of KAWS X SESAME STREET plush toys or a warm sweatshirt as Christmas present?



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