Lokatara Music Festival

Lokatara Music Festival finally realized the waiting of music fans for various genres.

Indie music lovers gathered at Kuningan City Ballroom to witness the appearance of their favorite musicians, with a quirky style on November 23, 2018.



Lokatara Music Festival is a music festival from Lokatara that aims to display various kinds of music from overseas and local musicians in one event. For the inaugural series of the festival, the most awaited appearance is the young Norwegian musician, Boy Pablo.



Boy Pablo appeared as the ultimate performer and who entertained all spectators. Appearing with complete band members, the audience does not only shouted his name, but sang together almost in every song that was delivered, especially when singing well-known songs such as “Everytime”, “Sick Feeling”, and “Losing You”. The hype proves Boy Pablo’s popularity in Indonesia and his capability to reach out to fans from diverse taste.




Throughout the event that had begun in the afternoon, the stage area of the Lokatara Music Festival were already filled with music lovers who also want to watch other performers, such as Mellow Fellow, Yung Heazy, Ardhito Pramono, Mondo Gascaro, Polka Wars and other cool musicians.



WRITER Jodie Suherman

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