PUMA is Unlocking New Levels with These Pro Gamer-Approved Shoes

PUMA Football is getting POWER UP with their new line-up of football shoes that combines world-class football and video game.

Who in the world never spent time in their life without playing football with friends on screen? Either as a player or as a manager, we are all dreaming of our own “Dream Team” unbeatable by many.

Inspired by the fantastical journey of football video games, PUMA powers up (pun intended) to unlock New Level in the game. The line will include two series: FUTURE 19.1 and PUMA ONE 19.1. Both of them are dyed in colors we typically encounter on fight game interface: red and blue. Titled as “POWER UP”, the series is reinventing FUTURE by perfecting their 3D Havoc Frame knitted altogether with evoKNIT PRO for better adjustment, feel, and stability on the pitch.



Their K-leather finish is what we love the most. It’s not just glossy—the fabric is made from lightweight material to keep the shoes as light as a feather. For pro-players, outsole plays a great role for overall performance. PUMA’s signature outsole, RAPIDSPRINT, uses specific stud configuration designed not only for faster speed, but for better grip as well.



You might have seen top European players such as Marco Reus, Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suárez, and Romelu Lukaku wearing the pairs on the pitch. The super squad leads the campaign that, in a glimpse, really looks like a console game posters (we did fool ourselves, too).



Is the fantasy football coming to real life as these pairs arrive? Well let’s prove it ourselves since the shoes are already released globally on January 15 2019.

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