SUPER EXTRA: Met Gala 2019 Make-up Moments

Glitters! 5-inch eyelashes! Kaleidoscopic eyes! The Met Gala 2019 was not only a “camp” moment for fashionistas, but for beauty enthusiasts as well.

Hosting the Met Gala 2019, of course Lady Gaga had to go all out with her peacock lashes and masquerade eyeliners.



One does not simply bump into Ezra Miller without avoiding his eyesight.



With flame-like hair and bleached eyebrows, we somehow get the Dragon Ball reference from the badass Kristen Stewart.



“Who needs a date when you can be both?” Asked Michael Urie.



It’s just hard not to fall in love with the color palette on Lucy Boynton’s overall look. And the beads! Yes, the bead-lashes (blashes?).



Gigi Hadid pulled off another extra eyelash moment as she transformed into a white swan.



All hail Queen Lupita! The Kenyan actor sparkled with her no-joke glitter eyeshadows.




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