5 Underrated Reasons Why Robert Pattinson is A Proper Batman

If there is an award for the most problematic superhero character to play on big screen, that would be Batman. And as DC Comics confirmed Robert Pattinson to take the baton from Ben Affleck, fans and antis are not the only one fuming over it.

It has been more than a decade since the English actor debut his emo teenage vampire role Edward Cullen on cult-movies Twilight. Despite all the pros and cons, it would be too naïve to deny that the sparkly vampire love story has always been on our top of mind when someone mentioned his name.

And precisely for that reason, Pattinson has been receiving mixed reception following the news of him taking the role on the upcoming Matt Reeves’ film (or films? We are yet to know). Suddenly, everyone forgot what Ben Affleck did with the latest outing of the world’s greatest detective on big screen. He wasn’t that iconic, in a better and worse way, if we had to compare him to Christian Bale’s Dark Knight and George Clooney’s nippled crusader. Now that we are faced with younger, fresher actor taking over the knotty persona, what do we have in hand to predict how the film will turn out?

The fact that he was in an awkward romantic outing with mainstream teenage flicks with Kristen Stewart is only one reason for audience to doubt him—how would he take Bruce Wayne, that is much more intelligent, complex, and combative that his previous major role?—they said. Let’s not forget that the 33-year old did not spend the last 7 years of post-Twilight era just sitting on the couch, chilling and Netflix-ing.



In fact, he has done so much more than that. To remind us one thing we often overlook, Pattinson has worked with several arthouse directors of masterclass quality such as Werner Herzog and Claire Denis. Also, let us not forget that he is currently under a major “trilogy-length” film project with ex-Dark Knight’s mastermind, Christopher Nolan.

 If you fancy a more recent proof of his acting, you might as well need to consider his latest black-and-white film The Lighthouse, which received highly positive review during its premiere at Cannes. His outstanding chemistry with Willem Defoe depicts just the right austere mood the film is about. We’re afraid that it is this unsettling-yet-motivated façade he brought into life on The Lighthouse that we need to rejuvenate Batman.



The fact that he is the youngest actor ever to play the caped crusader on big screen could be seen as an investment if DC and Warner Bros. agreed to bring the character back to its best shape for years to come. We have seen enough of sophisticated, muscular, middle-aged figure to play it and it’s time to go even darker than before. On the other hand, the Londoner has this mysterious, subtle, and humane aura the hero is widely known for.



If DC Comics is your twilight zone (pun intended) to doubt the upcoming The Batman film, there is still Warner Bros. that is very detailed in picking directors to take the director’s seat, relative to their distinctive style in previous works. Now that Zack Snyder left the seat, we have Matt Reeves (who is not Nolan, we acknowledge that) who has done several critic-favorite films in the likes of Cloverfield and Let Me In. He doesn’t have particular problem rebooting films as proven in Planet of the Apes.

We don’t know yet how Reeves would depict the billionaire-hero in his debut film, but as long as it stays true to its noir nature, we could really bet on Robert.


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