At This Luxury Resort, Our Fluffy Friends Can Freely Roam

The hardest part of leaving home for a long vacation is to leave our pets at the nearest pet hotel without our supervision. We understand the pain.

Us, pet owners, just want equality. If we have gender-friendly, disabled-friendly, and elderly-friendly access to places, why can’t dogs and cats? Most hotels, cafes, and apartments not pet-friendly, but there’s no need to sulk no more at this luxurious resort.

Located at Zhejiang, China, Alila Anji of Alila group recently open their doors for our fluffy buddies. Now your dogs may enjoy the lakeside view surrounded by bamboo groves and hill terrains at the shooting location of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Even better—at no additional charge!

To ensure its furry guests are well cared for, Alila Anji has partnered with Zee.Dog to provide essential in-villa amenities such as pet food, water bowls and wet pads. In addition, a variety of dog chew bones will be available for owners to buy from the in-villa pet snacks menu. Buds can feel at home while you’re at peace, far from home. Best of both worlds, don’t you think?

This first ever pet-friendly resort of Alila offers 66 hectares of outdoor area so we can get over the in-villa close-to-heaven comfort.  No more fuss at cleaning up while strolling with your pet because guests will find specially designed, fuss-free pet litter MAIL-BOX LIKE stations dotted discreetly around the resort grounds.

Now the only thing we need to worry about is to take our best bud back home.


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