Rich Brian is The Sailor

When we talk about Rich Brian, chances are we’re not gonna conclude our conversation. After releasing his album “The Sailor”, the rapper returned with an interactive exhibition to greet his Indonesian fans.

Titled “The Sailor Experience”, the event is launched by Spotify at Gudang Gambar, Jakarta. You’re gonna need to hurry before you miss it because the exhibition only lasts for three days, from 8 to 10 August 2019. The exhibition will open its door from 10AM to 5PM, and will be free of entry charge.


Rich Brian and Chee Meng Tan, Head of Artist and Label Marketing, Southeast Asia, Spotify at the exhibition opening


Through “The Sailor Experience”, Rich Brian will reveal his music journey and artistic inspiration from his earlier days until he topped the charts now. Through the first interactive exhibition held by Spotify in Asia, Rich Brian speaks a lot about his hometown and how he, as “the sailor”, set sail to reach new horizon in the US. As he opened the exhibition, Brian guided the guests through installed artworks in the studio, talking about his “creative space”, as well as the process and the inspiration behind the exhibition.

Other than witnessing Rich Brian’s musical journey, you will be able to watch Rich Brian’s cinematic debut at the exhibition. He starred in “Rich Brian is The Sailor”, a short film directed by Sing J. Lee. Lee has been working with global music artists including Childish Gambino, Muse, Halsey, and Charlie XCX.





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