The All-Too-Common Mistakes We Did When Washing Our Face

As washing face becomes one of the dullest daily procedures, we often get carried out and miss the actual important things about facial hygiene.

You’ve done thoroughly the three-miraculous-steps of face washing—from micellar water, facial foam, to toner—and yet your face is prone to pimples, dirt, and sebum. As these technologies help us to embrace the effortlessly flawless skin, it is actually the conventional stuffs that decide how your beauty products work.

Here we list down the most common mistakes we make when washing our face:


Using the same cloth as your bathing towel

Facial skin is understandably one of the most sensitive tissues in our body. Using bathing towel on your face after washing does nothing but transferring unknown, microscopic stuffs on your body to your face.


Rinsing your face with warm/hot water

Warm/hot water tends to open up your pores and often making it visible. It also tends to dry out your skin than cold water. Rinse your face with lukewarm water only before applying your facial wash to prepare your face for deep cleansing, but always rinse your facial wash with normal or cold water afterwards.


Not washing your hand prior to face-washing ritual

Because littlest things we care the least are often those that matter the most.


Skipping the toner phase

Just because we doubt what toner does. Our toner is that magical potion that does basically everything our facial wash doesn’t—neutralizing and relaxing your face, getting rid of any chemical residue, and other benefits that will make your face appears healthy and dewy.


Exfoliating too often

As exfoliating beauty products seem promising to get rid of dead skin cells and perform effective deep-cleansing, don’t be too gullible to use it every day. They will lead to skin irritation and dryness.


Putting off to apply beauty products right away

The secrets to Korean beauty lie on their 10-seconds rule and it doesn’t come out that way without reason. You need to immediately apply your skin products after washing your face because it is where your face is in the cleanest condition and manages to lock the hydration under your outer layer.


TEXT Larasati Oetomo

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