Coach Launched A Capsule Collection Inspired by Naruto. Yes, THAT Naruto.

Collaborating with Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan, Coach launches a Capsule Collection inspired by Naruto Uzumaki - no, you didn't read it wrong.

Under the flag "Coach x Michael B. Jordan", this fashion label from the States launched the Capsule Collection designed by actor as well as Coach's first menswear icon, Michael B. Jordan, and guided by the Creative Director, Stuart Vevers.

This collection, as HET mentioned before, is inspired by popular anime/manga series Naruto, combined with Jordan's love of culture and community, and his desire to create something unique.



This unisex collection consists of clothes, footwear and bags. This product range emphasizes comfort and functionality inspired by the ninja from the manga. For example, you can find parkas, pullovers, bags and sneakers equipped with technical details such as removable sleeves, tactical straps, and elastic closures.



In terms of design, this collection is adorned with iconic symbols from Naruto which have been redesigned in the style of the Retro C Coach. The selection of this reference, as recognized by Jordan, illustrates his career in cinema that is in line with Naruto's life story. He lives as a stranger in his community to get respect after working hard with his colleagues.

Michael B. Jordan is not the only Black Panther "alumnus" to join this unique collaboration. The Director of Photography, Rachel Morrison, took part in Coach x Michael B. Jordan as director of the capsule collection campaign. Tokyo's streets and their neon lights are chosen as the set of the campaign.



To celebrate this collection, Coach will open pop-up stores in Japan, Malaysia and the United States and a booth at the New York Comic Con, early this October. The collection is already available in Coach stores, both online and offline.


TEXT Larasati Oetomo

PHOTOS Leo Volcy / Coach

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