CIX Said Hello to Indonesian Fans

Another act from South Korea came by to greet Indonesian fans. C9’s new rookie group, namely CIX, succeeded to entertain their Indonesian fans through “Hello, Stranger in Jakarta” fan-sign and press showcase on October 4th 2019.

CIX’s first ever appearance in Indonesia was organized by CK Star Entertainment and was held at Upper Room Hall-Annex Building, Jakarta.

The show began at around 19.30 and the fans cheered to CIX’s debut music video ‘Movie Star’ being played on screen. Fans’ euphoria and shouting became more evident as the members - BX, Jinyoung, Hyunsuk, Yonghee, and Seunghun - appeared on stage in white and performed ‘What You Wanted’. They also greeted the fans in Indonesian.

After the introduction, the show continued with CIX’s second appearance with the song ‘Movie Star’.  And again, they successfully hypnotized the fans through their amazing stage act and unreal visual. Not only serving an amazing performance, CIX also took the fan to get to know more about the songs on their debut album ‘HELLO Chapter 1: Hello Stranger’. The leader, BX, explained that one of the members, Bae Jinyoung, also took part in making the ending choreography for the title track ‘Movie Star’.

The shout from fans once again was heard when the members showed their own personal charms. Starting from Hyunsuk with his long legs, Jinyoung with his cute and sexy image, until Seunghun with his honey-like voice singing Paul Kim’s ‘So Long’, an OST from Hotel de Luna. The atmosphere turned emotional when the members said that they were touched and even cried when they read letters from fan that make them strong and showered them with lots of love and support. The emotional atmosphere peaked when CIX members poured their hearts out. Yonghee cannot hold back his tears and Seunghun’s voice trembled when he delivered a heartfelt message to the maknae, Hyunsuk.

The CIX members also hoped that in the next five years, they could become one of South Korea idol representatives, and they also felt really thankful for the fans and hope that the fans will always support CIX. The showcase came to an end with a song called ‘The One’.


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