Outsmart Traffic with Waze

Maps are great, but real-time instructions are better! What’s more efficient than inputting your destination and letting them find the way for you! With updated database of maps, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) helps to gauge your location and guide you along your way. Improvement of technology has now made GPS available in your gadgets. Lots of apps are available in your iPhones and Androids.

One of the most trusted, well-reviewed and popular apps is Waze. As the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze offers you turn-by-turn voice guided navigation and live routing based on community driven, real-time traffic and road information. Be more aware of road conditions through reported alerts including accidents, hazards, police, road closures and many more. Waze also allows you to send your ETA to those you’re meeting, choose your preferred routes, find cheapest fuel and earn points as your contribute to this community!

As of April 2015, new traffic bar is available! You can now know how long you’ll be in a traffic jam, tracking progress as you go. You can also get a confirmation from those receiving when sending your ETA now!  So what are you waiting for! Download Waze to your gadgets if you haven’t, and improve daily commuting for all! (Janice Tjioe)

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