Libra Akila Wulandaru

She’s a little fire - a small girl with a big dream! That’s what Libra Akila Wulandaru is! Libra is another HET ambassador with amazing personality and talent.  She’s fierce, she’s brave, and she’s rearing to go... for a short catch up with HET of course!

As one of the finalists of Starteen 2010, Libra has definitely gone a long way! Hosting, acting, singing, dancing, and learning French, these are what keep her busy everyday. Yes, she can speak fluent French! In fact, she takes French literature as her major in Universitas Indonesia. Ever wonder who’s the role model of this accomplished young lady? The answer is none other than her very own mother. “She’s a dedicated funny working woman. Funny, that’s her most notable quality. Humor is very important”, Libra explained.

When asked about what are the intakes from Starteen, without hesitation, she immediately answered “Friends, experiences, networks, and a path to career and entertainment industry”.

Libra’s accomplishment in entertainment world can be seen in her hosting career. If her face looks familiar to you, that’s because you’ve probably seen her in TV as the host of Lensa Olahraga ANTV and Breakout Net TV. She frankly admits her passion in this industry and plans to promote her hosting and acting career even further. Starring in a box office movie would be a dream-come-true for her. One of her other goals is to study comunication in Paris, the city of love!

Libra has always been a fan of dynamic culture. Her passion in dance allowed her to perform in dance festivals in Canada and France. She used to aim for communication major because it’s more logical and in line with her work as an entertainer. But when passion’s calling, who can resist?

We love you Libra! We were, are and will always be Akilavers! Yes, that’s the name of Libra Akila’s fans club. Told ya she’s famous!

Name: Libra Akila Wulandaru

Date of Birth: 5 October 1993

Instagram: @libraakila0606


Hobbies: dancing, singing, watching movies, sleeping (anywhere, anytime)

Favourite food: definitely chicken satay and fried rice

Favourite colours: purple, yellow, black and white, pink

Favourite movie genre: romance, drama

Favourite singer: Frank Ocean, Jhené Aiko, Miguel

Life motto: “Nothing is wasted for nothing and CARPE DIEM!”

Message: “We live for ourselves, don’t let people’s opinions bring you down. Keep on doing what you love and what feels right. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail because failing is part of life”

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