A Synergy Worth Living and Loving

It was easy to feel the artistic vibe resonating from LivingLoving’s headquarters in Cipete, Jakarta Selatan, and its inhabitants. “Hello! Come in,” Nike Prima and Miranti Andi, the creative force behind LivingLoving.net, greeted HET as we arrived.
The story of how LivingLoving came to be is indeed proof that two is better than one. Nike and Miranti go way back, as collegemates and then colleagues at a TV station. In 2012, Miranti wanted to amp up her blog contents, and Nike chimed in with the incredible idea to start a joint blog on creative lifestyle. “We’ve already known each other for so long, and we both love writing! We’ve been blogging personally since mid 2000s.”
For burgeoning bloggers and creativepreneurs, Nike and Miranti are all for it. “Youth these days have it easy. They are already so sophisticated. Technology is easier to access and operate. Inspirations are easy to look up online, too!”
For first-timers, here are some tips on making and maintaining your own content:
- Come up with a concept. Find what makes you different.
- Be happy with what you are doing. Whatever you dive into, it should be something you like and you’re not doing it just for the sake of followers or likes. 
- Be consistent with frequency. Posting once a week on a regular basis is better than posting five at once but having no follow-up posts.
Read the full story in HET May 2016 Power Couple Issue!
Writer: Annisa Laksmintari
Photos: Fransisco Manuputty
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